Thursday, January 27, 2011

DARK INDUSTRY - Batcave Edition playlist 1/27/11

WILL - Father Forgive [Word • Flesh • Stone]
UNHEILIG feat PROJECT PITCHFORK - Ich Will Leben (Radio Edit) [Ich Will Leben CDM]
NINE INCH NAILS - Heresy [The Downward Spiral]
IKON - Subversion III [Subversion CDM]
CLAN OF XYMOX - Jasmine & Rose [The Best Of]
SWITCHBLADE SYMPHONY - Clown [Serpentine Gallery]
LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT - Kiss [Psycho Magnet]
PUSCIFER - The Undertaker (Renholder Mix) [Don't Shoot The Messenger]
BAUHAUS - She's In Parties [Burning From The Inside Out]
NIGHTWISH - Wish I Had An Angel [Once]
GOTHMINISTER - Dark Salvation [Empire Of Dark Salvation]
THE SISTERS OF MERCY - Temple Of Love (Touched By The Hand of Ofra Haza) [Temple Of Love '92 CDM]
MOONSPELL - Blood Tells [Memorial] (by request)
RAMMSTEIN - Alter Mann [Sehnsucht]
SAMAEL - Night Ride [Era One]
THE CRUXSHADOWS - Winter Born (This Sacrifice) (Club/Radio Edit) [Frozen Embers]
BLUTENGEL - Vampire Romance (Edit) [Vampire Romance CDM]
THE LAST DANCE - Nightmares [Whispers In Rage]
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Cities In Dust [Tinderbox]
THE MISSION - Wasteland [God's Own Medicine]
ROSETTA STONE - Adrenaline [Epitome EP]
THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE - Looking Glass [Looking Glass EP]
LUCA TURILLI - Virus [The Infinite Wonders Of Creation]
ALIEN SEX FIEND - I Walk The Line [All Our Yesterdays]


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