Monday, January 10, 2011

Nothing is ever constant...

If there's one constant in my life, it's that nothing is constant...or rather, few things are ever constant...

As you may know, last week I reported that Wolf Radio shut down operations. Fortunately this was during my week off, so I wasn't left hanging right away. But the realization that I needed to find another station to call home was looming. Thanks to my friend Virus, he gave me the name of a station I could join so that I wouldn't need to worry about being left in the lurch. That was Best Hits Radio.

Tonight was my first...and with that station. There were a lot of things that were involved in the decision to leave. A lot had to do with the alienation of my listeners, who mean EVERYTHING to me. The whole issue with the lack of proper chatroom, and the MANY issues my listeners had trying to register or login to the chatbox concerned me greatly. I had a conversation with the station manager earlier yesterday regarding issues I had with it. He said it was buggy with everyone, which didn't really give me a lot of confidence. But I plodded on with today. Now, me having issues with things is one matter...when it affects how the show goes for my audience...that's something altogether different. There were also a collection of other issues that made me somewhat suspect about my staying on with them. I will not go into them in this public forum. But suffice it to say I have communicated these issues to the station manager, and have told them that I am leaving Best Hits Radio, and wished them well.

Does this leave me without a place to do my radio shows? Fear not...for that solution has been found.

The former members of Wolf Radio, which was Fallen Sword Radio before that, have created a new entity: Endeavor Radio, named after the FS guild that many of the DJs on the station belong to - The Knights of Endeavor. And they have welcomed me back into the fold, as it were, and starting Thursday evening, I will be broadcasting from Endeavor Radio.

So Thursday night will be your night to stomp, and Monday night will still be the night for your retro fix...same bat-time, different bat-channel. But all is well. :)

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