Thursday, February 17, 2011

DARK INDUSTRY playlist 02/17/11

SKINNY PUPPY - I'mmortal [The Greater Wrong Of The Right]
AMNISTIA - G.S.W./Rage (RefreshEDit) [LE 187]
PROCEED - Trippin' [Neusprache]
KOMOR KOMMANDO - Shrapnel [Oil, Steel & Rhythm]
STAHLFREQUENZ - First Nightmare [Coma Themes]
CAUSTIC - 666 On The Cricifix (Be My Enemy Mix) [666 on the Crucifix CDM]
VIRTUAL EMBRACE - Welcome To My World [Hellektro]
SIVA SIX - Streetcleaner [Rise New Flesh (Flesh And Will Resurrected)]
THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF EUROPE - Strike Again [Nicolae Carpathia Died For Your Sins]
STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET - Memories [Blood & Passion]
T_ERROR 404 - We Are Industrial People [Mecanizmo]
DULCE LIQUIDO - Pissed Off [Shock Therapy]
GOD MODULE - Illusion [Artificial 2.0]
GOD MODULE - Lucid [Viscera]
GOD MODULE - Skeptical [The Magic In My Heart Is Dead]
GRENDEL - Social Distortion [Prescription: Medicide]
VIRGINS O.R. PIGEONS - Existe [Place No Reliance]
GLIS - Disappear! (Virtual><Embrace Mix) [Disappear! CDM]
MANUFACTURA - Sex And Suicide (Leaving Scars) [Presence: Into The Here And The Now]
NOIZ + ZILENTH - Organik [Noir Tag]
TERRORFAKT - Animal [Teethgrinder]
GHOST & WRITER - Man On A Wire (Versus) [Shipwrecks]
CAPTIVE SIX - Shut Down Everything [Shut Down Everything CDM]


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