Thursday, February 3, 2011

DARK INDUSTRY playlist 02/03/11

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Hostage [Improvised. Electronic. Device.]
VNV NATION - Nemesis (SAM Remix) [Reformation 01]
AND ONE - Zerstörer [Zerstörer EP]
MIRRORS - Hide & Seek [Hide & Seek CDS]
CULTURE KULTÜR - The Analyst (Desert Storm Remix) [Awake The Machines 5]
MELOTRON - Das Herz (Club Mix) [Extended Electronics 2]
CONTROL ALT DEUS - Aftermath [Aftermath]
NEUROTICFISH - They're Coming To Take Me Away [Gelb]
REACTOR7x - Other Side [Disorder]
STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET - Invisible Radiation [Blood & Passion]
LEXINCRYPT - Scar Tissue (C/A/T Remix) [Scar Tissue EP]
UBERBYTE - Hail To The Freak (Freeq Remix by XP8) [EXS]
LEÆTHER STRIP - Japanese Bodies (12" Version) [Satanic Reasons: Very Best Of]
LEÆTHER STRIP - Tell Me What To Do [Self-Inflicted]
LEÆTHER STRIP - Strap Me Down 10 [Retention No.3]
SEBASTIAN KOMOR - The Man Machine (2010 Version)
COMBICHRIST - Throat Full Of Glass [Making Monsters]
THE RABID WHOLE - Harder TO Be True (Assemblage 23 Mix) [Autraumaton Remixed]
ICON OF COIL - Existence In Progress [Machines Are Us]
[de:ad:cibel] - Monster Train [Klondike]
TORRENT VACCINE - Exude (Mangadrive) [rEmiXUDE]
iVARDENSPHERE - Devils (COMA Music Magazine Exclusive)


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