Thursday, March 10, 2011

DARK INDUSTRY playlist - 03/10/11

VNV NATION - Further (Remix) [Septic II]
ROTERSAND - Waiting To Be Born (Rework) [Waiting To Be Born CDM]
PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF - Turmdrehkran (Extended Mix) [Turmdrehkran CDM]
PROJECT PITCHFORK - Timekiller (And One Remix) [Timekiller CDM]
LIQUID DIVINE - Sojourner (Club Edit) [Soujourner EP]
KOMOR KOMMANDO - Love Your Neighbor (KMFDM Remix) [Oil, Steel & Rhythm 2CD]
DIE SEKTOR - Accelerant [Applied Structure In A Void]
STATIK SKY - Gonna Need Drugs [They Look To The Sky]
SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS - Rise And Fall (Supreme Court Remix) [Rise And Fall: The 15th Anniversary Mega[Re]Mix]
RAMMSTEIN - Feuer Frei! (Rammstein vs Junkie XL) [Feuer Frei! CDM]
FREAKANGEL - God's Blind Game (ES23 Remix) [Digital Deviations]
COMBICHRIST - Kiss The Blade (Motherfucker 667 Mix) [Noise Collection Vol 1]
COMBICHRIST - Shut Up & Swallow [What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?]
COMBICHRIST - Throat Full Of Glass (Tough Guy Mix by SAM) [Throat Full Of Glass CDM]
KMFDM - Krank - (Komor Kommando Mix) [Krank CDM]
ANGELSPIT - Like It? Lick It! [Carbon Beauty]
DYM - Lude [The Swarm]
SUICIDE COMMANDO - Come Down With Me [Implements Of Hell]
NACHTMAHR - Can You Feel The Beat? [Semper Fidelis]
EXTINCTION FRONT - Shut The Fuck Up! [Destruction Show]
ELECTRIC BREATHING - The World Collapses [Sounds Of Psychosis]
ICON OF COIL - Headhunter (Exclusive Single Edit) [Android CDM]


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