Sunday, July 3, 2011

Animaritime 2011

Last night I took part in what I feel is the most fun I've ever had as a solo DJ: spinning at Animaritime 2011.

Just to give a little back story: back in May, I participated in an event in Halifax called Jammin' For Japan, which was a fundraiser to raise money for the relief efforts for Japan after the earthquake/tsunami disaster. Along with DJ Megalon, we played some great jpop/kpop tracks for a very responsive crowd...and it was an absolute blast!

Jump ahead a little...

I get an email from one of the organizers of Animaritime, which is an anime/manga convention in Moncton, New Brunswick. The original DJ they had for their event was unable to perform, and they needed a replacement. They got hold of the organizer of Jammin' For Japan to see if they knew anyone that might be able to fill in...and my name popped up, hence the aforementioned email. I was absolutely blown away that they would want me to play! Details were hammered out, arrangements made, travel finalized, all that fun stuff...and I was off to Moncton yesterday morning.

I admit I didn't take any pics at the con...I didn't need to, really...all you have to do is go to the Animaritime group on Facebook, and there are an absolute plethora of pictures there! Some fantastic costumes, and some great people...the con alone was a lot of fun! for the dance...

The floor was full the ENTIRE night! The crowd loved the tracks I laid down for them, and I was having a wonderful time playing for them. Near the end of the two-hour set, I announced that the con was closing down at midnight, and they had like six minutes left...there were a lot of screams for the music, lots of cheering, a few "we love you"'s scattered about...which, I have to say, I'm SO not used was amazing! I laid down the last track, and as it was ending, the energy was incredible! The response made me absolutely speechless...there are no words to describe exactly how I felt at that moment. Even to say I was blown away doesn't do it justice. Even after I got back to the hotel room, I couldn't sleep for a good while...I could have gone for a lot longer, that's for sure...

I want to give a sincere, heartfelt thank-you to the staff of Animaritime for putting on a wonderful convention, for making me feel like an actual celebrity (something else I'm SO not used to!), and to everyone that attended the dance...the response I got from you all is something I will never forget, and it's one of the most important reasons I continue to do what I do. Here's hoping I'll be back next year, and we can do it all over again!!

Domo arigato gozaimasu!!  ^_^

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  1. Man you threw down awesome. You played some sick tracks.