Saturday, August 13, 2011

On the subject of fanboys & forums…

This is something that’s been picking away at me for a long time now…and it’s one of the reasons why I don’t participate in forums much anymore…


Now I do know not all fans, geeks & nerds fall into the category I’m about to go off on…I consider myself quite the geek. And that’s not a bad thing.

What I’m talking about is the person that decides something is crap or lame after having only seen a screenshot of a movie, or conceptual art, or a very brief video clip. The type that casts a summary judgement on something without having seen the full version of whatever it is they’re criticizing. Chances are, when that movie or comic is released, they’re in line to get it, or see it. But they won’t admit it to anyone.

I see these kinds of people on all sorts of forums, none so venomous as on sci-fi or comic forums…and, recently, on Facebook.

On occasion, I visit Blastr, the board for the SyFy network. Something will catch my attention, and I’ll read the article, no pre-conceived notions installed. And then I’ll scroll down to the comments, and opinion of fanboys is reaffirmed. Even a rumour about an upcoming project has these trolls popping up, calling it crap, lame, or some other derogatory term…but it’s the same: condemning it before seeing the actual product. I read all the comments about the reboot for Star Trek (which I loved, BTW…been watching Trek since I was five!), the new Captain America movie (also loved!)…and just recently the new incarnation of Spider-Man.

No…not the movie reboot coming next year (though I’ve read my fair share of troll posts on that!).

I mean the new Ultimate Spider-Man in the comics. Not knowing everything about the new storyline, I can’t comment on how well/badly written it was, but I do know that in the Ultimate timeline, Peter Parker is now dead, and a new person has taken up the mantle of ol’ Webhead.

His name is Miles Morales. Half-African-American, half-Hispanic. And possibly gay, though that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

Just from what I’ve read on the Marvel FB group, the reaction is very divided. Some, like me, look at this as the writers wanting to shake things up…which I don’t see as a bad thing. Some look at this as a potentially exciting change.

Others, however, cannot/will not accept change, as is common with most fanboys. Don’t touch THEIR heroes, THEIR stories. Ever. I can see some people saying that Peter Parker is the only true Spider-Man, just like some people say that Sean Connery was the only true James Bond. I get that.

But what’s really shocked me is the level or racism, bigotry and prejudice over this new Spider-Man. That having him as a “half-breed” and not even white is destroying the legend. That it’s going to end ol’ Webhead’s popularity. That Marvel is pissing everything down their collective leg.

Seriously? Having an inter-racial, possibly gay Spider-Man is going to destroy everything? Really? Give me a break…

I have two words for these people: grow up. Stop acting like children on a kindergarten playground and get with the times.

Y’know…I finally get what that whole thing was about with Shatner on SNL telling the fanboys to get a life…because I find myself echoing those same sentiments toward these people as well…