Thursday, September 15, 2011

DARK INDUSTRY: Batcave Edition playlist - 09/15/11

THE CURE - Burn [The Crow OST]
LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT - Kiss (Club Mix) [Psycho Magnet (Remastered)]
A SPLIT SECOND - Mambo Witch [...From The Inside]
IN STRICT CONFIDENCE - Promised Land [Exile Paradise]
BLUTENGEL - The Watcher [Tränenherz]
SWITCHBLADE SYMPHONY - Bad Trash [Serpentine Gallery]
PUSCIFER - Revelation 22:20 [Don't Shoot the Messenger]
THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE - Forever [Imaginary Monsters]
GARY NUMAN - Haunted [Jagged]
MARILYN MANSON - Mechanical Animals [Mechanical Animals]
ENYA - Boadicea (Bludston Enhancement) [not available]
THE CREATURES - Second Floor [Anima Animus]
CLAN OF XYMOX - She Did Not Answer [Darkest Hour]
STAHLMANN - Kaltes Herz [Stahlmann]
EPOCHATE - Needle Hive [Chronicles Of A Dying Era]
NIGHTWISH - Nemo [Once]
SCHWARZER ENGEL - Sonnenanbeterin [Träume Einer Nacht]
BAUHAUS - She's In Parties [Burning From The Inside]
COCTEAU TWINS - In Our Angelhood [Head Over Heels]
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - Lips Like Sugar [Echo & The Bunnymen]
EISBRECHER - Kein Wunder [Eiszeit]
UNHEILIG - Geboren um zu Leben [Geboren Um zu Leben CDM]
THE CRUXSHADOWS - Marilyn, My Bitterness 2.0 [Echoes and Artifacts]


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