Sunday, November 6, 2011

Recap, update, and a short rant...

Judging from the title of this post...yeah...should be interesting...not to mention listening to FSOL, Photek & deadmau5 while writing it...

First off...the weekend from hell. Three gigs...three nights. I survived...barely.

GIG1: When Darkness Falls (Oct 29th, Citadel Halifax)
Didn't quite go as well as the folks who put it on were hoping. We ended the night early. It was fun, but again the turnout was kinda disappointing.

GIG 2: Time Traveler's Ball (Oct 30th, Lord Nelson Hotel)
Oh man...what a night! Amazing turnout...amazing energy in the room...the whole thing was awesome! Great costumes...the crowd ate up the tunes, lotsa dancing...definitely the highlight of the weekend. There was one small thing about it which was a little of a downer...but I'll be getting into that in the "short rant" section of the post.

GIG 3: MasQ - Halloween Event (Oct 31st, Tribeca)
Honestly, to me, it was a bigger turnout than I was expecting, considering it was a Monday night. I like the Tribeca has an industrial feel to it, which helps with the energy for the event. Always a pleasure to work with DJ Rune. 

And as soon as I walked in the door from that event, I got a nasty-ass cold. Home for three days straight. Wasn't fun...still recovering. Much better now, but still coughing a bit. Prolly gonna be doing that for the next week or so.

Now that that's over with...there's the stuff coming up:

Hal-Con 2011 (Nov 12-13, WTCC, Halifax)
Once again, I'm spinning at the ball for the convention...and like last year, I can't wait! Of course there's going to be a VERY mixed bag of music for everyone...sci-fi, retro, industrial, name it! If you haven't already been doing so, I have a forum topic on my Facebook fan page set aside for requests...and seeing as it's coming up REALLY soon, get them in quick!!

Have Yourself A Gothic Little Christmas (Dec 3 - 4, Halifax Forum - Maritime Hall)
I'm not exactly spinning at this event, but I am going to be at the door helping out with admission both days, and providing some Christmas & celtic music for the event. As far as I know, there might be a dance-off like there was last which case, the music will be slightly more upbeat for that :) You're more than welcome to come over & say hi while I'm there :)

As far as next year...well, I'm hoping to be spinning for Animaritime 2012, as well as a few other events in the works. Time will tell.

I apologize for the sporadic schedule of the radio shows. I was hoping to start doing the Dark Industry shows like a regular podcast...yeah, that went well, didn't it? Anyway...I'm hoping to have everything straightened out for my 80s show on Monday Dark Industry show this Thursday, as I'm still working on my secret project for Hal-Con...but once that week's over, it's business as usual for the radio shows...hopefully...

And now we come to the short rant section of the post...this isn't really an angry rant...just something that's been kinda bugging me.

Remember way back in the post when I mentioned something happened at the Time Traveler's Ball that was a bit of a downer?

Well...a few days after the event, I got an email stating someone had written to them about their disappointment that I hadn't played their request(s) at the ball...and wanted to know what it was all about.


First off, I love playing requests for people. They get a thrill out of hearing their song being played, I like making people's one of the reasons I do this. But I can't do it each and every time. There was a sign I saw on a website a fellow colleague directed me to which had different notes sent to DJs and signs different DJs had posted near their setups. One really caught my attention, and it kinda defines my thoughts regarding requests:

"I'm a DJ, not a jukebox."

As much as I love playing requests, there are several reasons why I haven't/won't play a request. The disc could be scratched, the file could be corrupted, or I just don't have the song in my library. There's also a very big reason, one that is very important for me: if it ruins the mood, it will either get played later, or not at all.

One of the primary jobs of a DJ is to create a mood for everybody. The mood generally shifts over the course of the night, as it should, as people in general are fluid, and a good DJ "goes with the flow," as it were. If someone requests a song, and it goes with the flow of everything up to that point, it will most certainly get played. If, however, someone comes up with a song that doesn't fit, again it'll either get pushed to a part of the flow that best suits the request...or it doesn't get played at all. As cool as it is to hear your request played, you gotta remember that there's a whole crowd of people in the room that might not like the song. And I have to make a decision on how the crowd will react to it. One of the worst things for a DJ is to lay down a track and have the floor clear...and if I think that song you've requested will do just that, it might not get heard. It's nothing's my job.

And I have to say this here and now: if you run up to me with an iPod or phone or other mp3 player, and tell me you want to hear a song and you have it on your player...there's a good chance I won't be hooking your player to my rig. Again, it's nothing personal...but the tracks I play for the crowd that are digital in nature are generally at the highest bitrate with which an mp3 can be encoded (I prefer using CDs, but I already have like five books of CDs I lug around with me...a thumb drive or ext. HDD is a LOT easier to carry!). Not everyone has the same standards I have regarding digital music. There's a good chance that while you're loving the track in your player, it'll come out sounding crappy coming over the sound system because of the which case, I won't play it. Call me a snob if you like, but quality is everything when you're an audiophile like me. If I had my way, everything would be in .FLAC format...but I just don't have the room.

These are things to keep in mind when making requests at events like the ball, or at Hal-Con. Something I covered in the opening forum post for the request thread was about theme songs from movies, TV shows, anime, or game theme songs. If the song has a good beat, and and you can dance to it, then it'll be played. If it's a theme that I have a remix, or variation of (like "Doctorin' The Tardis" by the Timelords, when people ask me to play the Doctor Who theme), that will get played. If you ask me to play a theme song that is symphonic in nature, it won't get played. Even if you find some heavy metal cover of it on won't get played. And even if I like it, which happens quite often, I have to consider everyone else in that room. As cool as it is to hear a piece of symphonic music from your favorite game played over a sound system with tons of might be the only one that likes which case, it clears the floor. And that's bad.

Again, none of this is directed at any one person. None of this is to be taken personally. This is my job as a DJ to have the final word on what gets played during a set.


And with that, I go to bed...see you all at Hal-Con on Saturday night!!

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