Thursday, January 26, 2012

DARK INDUSTRY playlist - 01/26/12

SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS - Immortal (IOC Mix by Sebastian Komor) [Immortal CDM]
APOPTYGMA BERZERK - Until The End Of The World [Harmonizer]
SCHRAMM - Tango [Schramm]
EVANESCENCE - Made of Stone (Renholdër Remix) [Underworld: Awakening Soundtrack]
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Falling [Implode] (by request)
ohGr - Crash [Undeveloped]
FUNKER VOGT - Date Of Expiration (Expired) [Survivor]
SUICIDE COMMANDO - God Is In The Rain [Implements Of Hell]
EISBRECHER - Verrückt (Combichrist Remix) [Die Hölle Muss Warten]
INURE - This Is The Life [The Offering]
VIGILANTE - Prison Break (feat. Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip) [The New Resistance]
SQUAREHEAD - Idiot (feat. Klayton of Celldweller) [Voltage Controlled Music]
ROTERSAND - Waiting To be Born (Rework) [Waiting To Be Born]
FGFC820 - Revolt Resist (Comrade Mix by G. Thomas of Funker Vogt) [Defense Condition 2]
NOISUF-X - What [Dead End District]
VNV NATION - Space & Time [Automatic] (by request)
COMBICHRIST - Get Your Body Beat [What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?]
GRENDEL - Chemicals & Chemistry (Devil's Dandruff Mix by Komor Kommando} [Chemicals & Circuitry CDM]
TERRORFAKT - Crown Of Thorns [Teethgrinder]
:WUMPSCUT: - Jesus Antichristus (Feindflug Remix) [Jesus Antichristus CDM]
GOD MODULE - M.D.K. [Séance]
KMFDM - Professional Killer [Hau Ruck] (by request)


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