Thursday, February 23, 2012

DARK INDUSTRY playlist - 02/23/12

ALIEN VAMPIRES - Lies (Reaxion Guerilla Remix) [Harshilizer]
TERRORKODE - Kubrick Was Here [Corrosion Audio]
ICON OF COIL - Android [Android CDM]
KOMOR KOMMANDO - Shrapnel [Oil, Steel & Rhythm]
EVERYTHING GOES COLD - The Iron Fist of Just Destruction [The Tyrant Sun]
INURE - This Is The Life (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) [This Is The Life CDM]
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - Fatalist [Implode]
NECRO FACILITY - Explode [Wintermute]
COMADUSTER - Painbody [Slip Through]
PROJECT PITCHFORK - Lament [Quantum Mechanics]
LIQUID DIVINE - Technocracy [Black Box]
ABSURD MINDS - Deficit Mindset [Serve Or Suffer]
ENCEPHALON - Rise [Drowner EP]
COVENANT - Bullet (Club Version by Eskil Simonsson) [Bullet CDM]
DIFFUZION - The One [Winter Cities]
OMD - Sister Marie Says [History Of Modern]
MELOTRON - Lebe Ungewöhnlich [Propaganda]
MONOFADER - Pointless Memories [Frost]
DESTROID - Run & Hide (Edit) [Loudspeaker]
ASSEMBLAGE 23 - Silence [Failure]
SKINNY PUPPY - Icktums [Handover]
VNV NATION - Honour 2003 (FDR Version) [Advanced Electronics 2]
FUNKER VOGT - Killing Ground (AE4 Remix) [Advanced Electronics 4]


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