Sunday, April 22, 2012

New mixes on MixCloud

Well, as I've managed to re-arrange things in the computer room, I have my rig set up and jacked into my computer...which gives me the opportunity to record new mixes...something I haven't done in a dog's age!'s the first of two new mixes:

"D357R0Y" is a harsh EBM/rhythmic noise mix, much harder than my previous mixes...but it certainly felt good mixing it!

"prog://H0U53" is my first foray into progressive house. Defintely an experiment, to be sure...but it was a lot of fun!

So there you go...a couple of new mixes for you! There will be more forthcoming, rest assured :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DARK INDUSTRY: New Release Special playlist - 04/04/12

:WUMPSCUT: - Women and Satan First [Women and Satan First]
ESSENCE OF MIND - Just Like That (In Your Face Edit) [Sounds From The Matrix 12]
MIND.IN.A.BOX - Sanctuary (club.mix) [Revelations club.mixes]
ASHBURY HEIGHTS - Decent Cancer [Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence]
EGO LIKENESS - Infidel [Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence]
PROJECT PITCHFORK - Lament (Electronic Saviors Remix) [Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence]
ALIEN VAMPIRES - Acid Orgy (feat. Sonya Scarlet of Theatres Des Vampires) [Clubbers Die Younger EP]
DISKONNEKTED - Neverland (Matrix Edit) [Hotel Existence]
FREAKANGEL - Used [Let It All End]

LORDS OF ACID - Sole Sucker (Angelspit Remix) [Pop That Tooshie CDM]
MARI CHROME - Toxic [Georgy#11811]
SCHWARZBLUT - Der Schwarze Tod [Maschinenwesen]