Monday, September 10, 2012

Changes... we are...

For the benefit of those who have not seen my recent post, this will bring you up to speed:

As many of you know, for a while, I had considered hanging up the headphones permanently next year...I had even thought about doing it this year. There were many people that thought this was a bad idea, some because they didn't want me to give up what I loved doing...and others because of the date I had chosen for my retirement: September 11th.

Now, when I started DJing back in 1987, 09/11 was just another day for everyone else. To me, it was the start of a path that I have followed these 25 years...but the negativity attached to that date simply didn't exist at that time. So when I had originally announced that 09/11/12 was going to be my retirement date, people had a lot to say. They weren't wrong...but they weren't looking at it from my POV. Regardless, the change that has happened was done the day before my actual anniversary, so that others that associate that date with an event that shocked the world wouldn't think that I was trying to compete, which was never my intention.


For many years, the name "Bludston" was synonymous with EBM/industrial in Halifax, and for a short time, in Kansas City and other parts of the Midwest US (well okay, two places). All throughout the time MasQ was running in the city, I wanted to expand my horizons, play outside my comfort something different. But I felt that because of my residency with that event was holding me back. It was one of the reasons I had started considering retiring from being a DJ. 2010 marked the beginning of changes in what I did, doing a dubstep event for Full Circle, and then Hal-Con 2010, an event I would do again the following year. It was in 2011 that I had decided "yes, this would be it...I'm one wants me involved...I hang up the phones for good." I had a conversation with a good friend of mine, and she had thought that maybe the Bludston name was the reason I was being "typecast," and that maybe I should change it, thinking that might actually help open things up for me. I brought that notion to the other person whose opinion I value the most (and still do!), and she said the same thing. It was also decided what name I would use...and both people thought it was the best idea.

And here we are, a year later, and many events behind me...2 Animaritime cons, the Fet Ball, several J-pop dances, and other electronic events...and as of last night, DJ Bludston is no more. Using my real last name makes this a little more personal than it used to "Bludston" was a persona I put on at industrial events, rather than it being me. But there's no reason why I can't just flip the switch and turn that side on for specific events.

Originally, I chose that name in 1999, as I started guest-spinning at Shadowplay...a lot has happened since then.

R.I.P. Bludston (1999-2012)

Long live DJ ZHUKOW!

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